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Preppy Summer

Released on 08/31/2011

Rex Donahue and Lee Mann are two of the 1980's studs that helped shape the face of porn. This pre-condom feature by legendary Director William Higgins is filled with scene after scene of beautiful boys doing what they do best. A timeless classic about clean cut California Boys with nothing but filth on their minds.

Scenes From Preppy Summer

Preppy Summer - Scene 1

Released: 08/31/2011

Starring: Ken Kerns, Larry Richards, Tim Richards

Categories: Catalina, Pre-Condom, Scenes, Twink, William Higgins

Length: 1081

Description: Two cute twinks are splashing around and playing in the pool. Another watches from the window and starts to jack off. The action moves inside for an intense 3-way!

Preppy Summer - Scene 2

Released: 08/31/2011

Starring: David Calvin, Joe Craig, Mark Kline

Categories: Catalina, Jock, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 1066

Description: Three cute boys are working on a car in the garage and decide to get a little messy with each other! Using motor oil as lube, things get really heated up!

Preppy Summer - Scene 3

Released: 08/31/2011

Starring: Lee Mann, Rex Donohue

Categories: Catalina, Muscle, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 1277

Description: A handsome young straight waiter picks up his muscular blond customer and they have an erotic tryst! It's the waiter's first time with another man!

Preppy Summer - Scene 4

Released: 08/31/2011

Starring: Lee Mann, Mike Gibson, Sean Ford

Categories: Catalina, Jock, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 855

Description: Three horny fratboys suck and fuck on their dormroom bunkbeds! The blond twink gets both of his holes stuffed!

Preppy Summer - Scene 5

Released: 08/31/2011

Starring: Larry Richards, Perry Field, Sean Ford, Tim Richards

Categories: Catalina, Group/Orgy, Pre-Condom, Scenes, Twink, William Higgins

Length: 781

Description: An outrageous underwater pool orgy with four hot lean twinks! One hot blond can even suck his own cock!


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