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Malibu Days

Released on 04/06/2011

Horny beach boys! Thick cocks pounding blond asses! Ready to blow! A pre-condom classic!

Scenes From Malibu Days

Malibu Days - Scene 1

Released: 04/06/2011

Starring: Brad Scott, J.W. King, Mark Scott Solo

Categories: Catalina, Daddy/40+, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 2145

Description: J.W. King catches his blond surfer twink brother and his friend goofing off. He spanks both his brother and friend until his dick gets stiff and they all take care of raging hard cock and wet holes! Don't mess with big brother!

Malibu Days - Scene 2

Released: 04/06/2011

Starring: Jamie Wingo, Mark Scott Solo

Categories: Catalina, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 1200

Description: Two hot couples decide it's best to make it a four-gy and leave no hole unplugged! Includes a double anal penetration!

Malibu Days - Scene 3

Released: 04/06/2011

Starring: Giorgio Canali, Nick Rodgers

Categories: Catalina, Daddy/40+, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 900

Description: Two masculine and hung daddies take turns eating cock and 69ing! Then Giorgio plugs his thick Italian schlong deep inside Nick's gut, until both erupt with creamy wads of goo!

Malibu Days - Scene 4

Released: 04/06/2011

Starring: Davin McNeil, Shawn Michaels

Categories: Catalina, Pre-Condom, Scenes, Twink, William Higgins

Length: 720

Description: A long curly-haired twink showers and works up a big boner with soap. He's discovered by Shawn who starts sucking the twink-meat! They move to the living room floor to 69 and then Davin gets his tight twink-hole plugged with wet greasy cock!

Malibu Days - Scene 5

Released: 04/06/2011

Starring: Kevin Carey, Mickey O'Toole

Categories: Catalina, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 840

Description: Two young insatiable guys get it on in a hot tub and then move inside to continue their wild suck and fuckfest! A gorgeous Doberman Pinscher appears outside the window to watch the horny dudes mate!

Malibu Days - Scene 6

Released: 04/06/2011

Starring: Adam Stewart, Alan Howell, Joel Allen, Kurt Franklin

Categories: Catalina, Jock, Pre-Condom, Scenes, William Higgins

Length: 660

Description: 4 horny dudes get heated up watching porn and decide to get it on in their winter cabin! A wild wanton fourgy with explosive slow-motion cum-splurts!

Malibu Days - Scene 7

Released: 04/06/2011

Starring: Mark Scott Solo

Categories: Catalina, Pre-Condom, Scenes, Solo, Twink, William Higgins

Length: 210

Description: Horny blond surfer, Mark Scott Solo, fingers his hot hole and jacks off with baby oil with explosive results!


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