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Scenes From Taken: Expanded Edition

Taken: Expanded Edition - Scene 1

Released: 06/02/2009

Starring: Adam Killian, Phillip Aubrey

Categories: Big Dick, Chi Chi LaRue, Leather, Muscle, Rascal Video, Scenes

Length: 1050

Description: We find Adam Killian suspended, spinning in a maze of mirror., Phillip Aubrey is watching on a monitor, admiring the perfection of Adam's body.

Taken: Expanded Edition - Scene 2

Released: 06/02/2009

Starring: Derek Da Silva, Johnny Hazzard, Phillip Aubrey, Zack Jamison, Zane Jacobs

Categories: Big Dick, Chi Chi LaRue, Group/Orgy, Muscle, Rascal Video, Scenes

Length: 2520

Description: Phillip enters a room and finds Johnny Hazzard and Derek da Silva exploring each others bodies while Zane Jacobs jerks off. Phillip moves in for a closer look, but remains in the background, never making the group aware of his presence.

Taken: Expanded Edition - Scene 3

Released: 06/02/2009

Starring: Diesel Washington, Lucas Knowles, Phillip Aubrey, Zack Jamison

Categories: Big Dick, Black, Chi Chi LaRue, Interracial, Muscle, Rascal Video, Scenes

Length: 2685

Description: Phillip finds himself locked in a cage watching the shadow of men kissing. Diesel Washington emerges from the shadows and circles the cage.

Taken: Expanded Edition - Scene 4

Released: 06/02/2009

Starring: Blake Riley, David Taylor, Phillip Aubrey

Categories: Big Dick, Chi Chi LaRue, Leather, Muscle, Rascal Video, Scenes, Tattoos and Ink

Length: 2295

Description: Blake Riley and David Taylor are passionately kissing as Phillip walks into the room. They notice Phillip, but return to what they are doing, unaffected by his presence. Blake moves down and takes David's cock in his mouth then David returns the favor. They hose off only to cover themselves in a cum shower.

Taken: Expanded Edition - Scene 5

Released: 09/06/1999

Starring: Chad Manning, Dominic Pacifico, Josh West, Shane Risk, Tyler Saint

Categories: Big Dick, Chi Chi LaRue, Group/Orgy, Leather, Muscle, Rascal Video, Scenes

Length: 2940

Description: Shane Risk is locked in a large cage, with four mysterious figures circling the cage. The mysterious men reveal themselves to be Tyler Saint, Josh West, Dominic Pacifico and Chad Manning.

Taken: Expanded Edition - Scene 6

Released: 09/06/1999

Starring: Adam Killian, Jeremy Bilding, Luke Cassidy, Mitchell Rock, Phillip Aubrey

Categories: Big Dick, Chi Chi LaRue, Leather, Muscle, Rascal Video, Scenes

Length: 3420

Description: Luke Cassidy is worshiping Jeremy Bilding's crotch through a leather jock, licking and spitting on it. Luke begs Jeremy to allow him to suck his cock and pulls out Jeremy's cock.


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